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This test will read in metadata of all packages included on DVD media and determine whether any package or file conflicts exist. Note, the example used in this test applies to the i386 platform. However, this test can be used to detect package file conflicts on other supported platforms.

How to test

  1. Download the DVD image
  2. Mount the ISO, for example:
    mount -o loop Fedora-12-i386-DVD.iso /media/ 
  3. Next, download the script.
  4. Check for file conflicts by running the script:
    python --repofrompath=media,/media -a i386 -r media
Notice the architecture option
Don't forget to change the -a i386 option if you have downloaded DVD image for other architecture.

Expected Results

  1. The script completes successfully
  2. No package or file conflicts were detected for packages included in the media kit