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This test will read in metadata of a mediakit and check dependencies in all packages for resolution.

How to test

  1. Download DVD image
  2. Mount the ISO, for example:
    # mount -o loop Fedora-14-x86_64-DVD.iso /media/ 
  3. Check the dependencies of all packages. If you have a physical media, the process is the same.
    # repoclosure --repofrompath myrepo,/media/ --newest -t -r myrepo 

Expected Results

  1. Checking dependencies finished successfully
  2. There are no packages with unresolved dependencies from myrepo in the output. See below for sample output
     Added myrepo repo from /media
     Reading in repository metadata - please wait....
     Checking Dependencies
     Repos looked at: 1
     Num Packages in Repos: 2766