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Install, remove and udpate modules in Fedora Server


  1. Grab Fedora Server and continue to install on a VM or Baremetal
  2. Login as root or run the following with sudo

How to test

Install Modules foo from Stream and profile:

   # Run  dnf module install foo:stream/profile 

Install module foo with Profile, Stream and Version

        # Run  dnf module isntall foo:stream:version/profile 

Remove module foo with Profile, Stream and Version:

       # Run  dnf module remove foo:stream:version/profile </code

Expected Results

The commands execute without error

  1. The first command will ask you to install the package , if installed it will output
  2. The second command will install the package from the desired stream , if the desired stream doesn't match the current stream , it will ask to switch stream
  3. The install with stream:version/profile will output this ===
  4. The remove module command will output the following.