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This test cases checks that dnf is able to protect modular packages from being updated when a modular repository is unavailable. According to this dnf bug, it does not remember any information about the origin of the package. So, when the metadata from modular repositories are not available to the system, dnf will override the modular package and will update it to the newest package available in the non-modular repository.


  1. For Fedora 29, modularity is enabled by default. To more about modules, follow the instructions in this test case here

How to test

  1. Update your system.
    dnf update
  2. Install the nodejs package in version 8.
    dnf module enable nodejs:8
  3. Update your system with modular repositories disabled.
    dnf update --disablerepo=\*modular

Expected Results

This test should be considered passed if:

  1. All used commands finish without errors.
  2. The nodejs package will not be updated to a newer version in Step 3.


Try different modules.