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This test case is meant of OpenVAS-7. The version in Fedora 20 (OpenVAS-6) is known to not work well so please rebuild the openvas-7 packages from rawhide. The openvas-gsa package still missing in Fedora

{{QA/Test_Case |description=This test case tests the ability of OpenVAS to scan a host or network for vulnerabilities. |setup=

  • A remote host with various network services (SSH, HTTP, DNS, SMTP ...) is required. For example: a Linux server with OpenSSH, Apache HTTPd, ISC BIND, Postfix or Sendmail.
  • Open ports of the scanned services in the remote host firewall.
  • If unsure about the past configuration, bootstrap the environment by removing the openvas* packages, removing all the application files and reinstalling the packages back

grep openvas` rpm -e $OV_RPMS rm -rf /etc/openvas /etc/pki/openvas /usr/share/openvas /var/log/openvas /var/lib/openvas /var/cache/openvas

yum -y install openvas-libraries openvas-scanner openvas-manager openvas-cli openvas-gsa