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This test case describes the scenario of temporarily closing the lid.

Limited audience
This test targets laptop users.
Optional test
If you do not have laptop feel free to skip this test. In this case please leave the corresponding column in the results table blank.

How to test

Run from battery
It is preferred to run this test on battery.
  1. Log-in into your desktop (if you are not already logged).
  2. Let the system time to fully initialize (cca. 1-2 minutes).
  3. Close the lid.
  4. Wait cca. 30 - 90 seconds.
  5. Open the lid again.
    • Maybe you may need to touch some button or special key, it depends on your HW.

Expected Results

Variable results
The description bellow describes the default behaviour that can be overridden. If you changed the defaults just judge whether the system behaviour is 'reasonable' or not. If some aspect of the system behaviour is surprising or confusing to you, it is probably worth pointing out.
  1. The laptop suspends when you close the lid.
  2. The laptop resumes when you open the lid, quickly and smoothly (you may need to press some button or special key in order to resume).
  3. Desktop should get locked and prompt you for a password.
  4. NetworkManager re-establishes a network connection.