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This test case is intend for notebooks to measure battery life and powerconsumption via battery life.

How to test

  1. Unplug notebook from power. Set display shining to minimum
  2. Log into system
  3. Ensure to bltk is installed
    # yum install bltk
  4. now run idle test for two minutes
    # bltk -I -T 120  
  5. now run reader test 1 round
    # bltk -R -n 1 
  6. now run office test 1 round - sometimes malfunction (do not report bugs about Office workload)
    # bltk -O -n 1 
  7. There should be files in .bltk directory. Pack directory
     tar czvf bltk.tar.gz .bltk

Expected Results

  1. The test should end up without error and provide output results in .bltk directory. Last command pack the directory into gzipped tar, send please this file into wiki bltk.tar.gz .bltk