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This test is intended to measure time your CPU spent in different C states and frequencies when you are working with your computer as usually. It will probably provide very different results for each tester. In spite of that it could be very interesting.

Privileges: superuser
Runlevel: multiuser (X11)
ETA: 10 minutes

How to test

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Login as a normal user.
  3. Open terminal window.
  4. Run: testday-run-personal
  5. Read the instructions provided and start the test by pressing any key.
  6. Work with your computer for 10 minutes as usually.
  7. The script will tell you when it's finished.

Expected Results

The results will be stored in /usr/share/testday-091022/results directory with timestamp. Do not modify anything in this directory.