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This test case tests the PowerTOP 2.x basic functionality and UI consistency.


  1. Check that you have powertop >= 1.97 installed:
    $ rpm -q powertop
    • If not install it:
    # yum install powertop

How to test

  1. Run the PowerTOP:
    # powertop
  2. Check the UI for visual consistency.
  3. Cycle through available tabs (by arrow keys) and check consistency of displayed information.
  4. Resize the terminal and wait for the refresh (cca. 20 seconds).
  5. Exit by Esc key.

Expected Results

  1. No errors while running the PowerTOP.
  2. No inconsistency in the UI, e.g. missing bars (top, bottom), wrong formatting, etc.
  3. UI is correctly resized to fit the terminal size upon refresh.
  4. Clean exit without errors.