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This test will measure the same data as personal test (time your CPU spent in different C states and frequencies) but when your computer is idle and tuned daemon is enabled.

Privileges: superuser
Runlevel: single
ETA: 7 minutes

How to test

  1. Switch into single mode. There are two possibilities:
    • Run: su -c "init 1"
    • Or reboot your machine and change kernel parameters:
      • Reboot and when GRUB menu appears select your system and press [E] to edit it.
      • Select line starting with kernel and press [E].
      • Add parameter single at the end of this line and pres [Enter] to confirm.
      • Press [B] to boot.
  2. Start 'tuned': service tuned start
  3. Start networking: ifconfig eth0 up
  4. Run the test: testday-run-tuned
  5. Read the instructions provided and start the test by pressing any key.
Go on with the next test
Immediately after this test you can run the following basic test. It has to be run in single mode as well, therefore you will refrain another reboot.

After the test you can switch to X11 either by rebooting (reboot) or changing runlevel to 5 (init 5).

Expected Results

The results will be stored in /usr/share/testday-091022/results directory with timestamp. Do not modify anything in this directory.