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Associated release criterion
This test case is associated with the Fedora_35_Beta_Release_Criteria#roles release criterion. If you are doing release validation testing, a failure of this test case may be a breach of that release criterion. If so, please file a bug and nominate it as blocking the appropriate milestone, using the blocker bug nomination page.

{{QA/Test_Case |description=This test case checks that a Rolekit role can be successfully enabled, started and queried after a Fedora Server installation, as required in the Server/Technical_Specification. |setup=

  1. Install the Fedora Server release you wish to test, in graphical or text mode, making as few choices as possible and making the most simple and obvious choices where a choice is required.


  1. Create a configuration file with the minimum required settings for the role (domaincontroller instructions can be found here)
  2. Deploy the role with {{{1}}}
  3. Start the role with rolectl start (instancename)
  4. Query the role with rolectl status (instancename) and rolectl settings (instancename)}
  5. If possible, attempt to interact with the role in expected ways - for example, if it is a database server, attempt to connect to it and create a database
  6. Stop the role with rolectl stop (instancename)