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Install a Fedora guest from an install tree URL using virt-install or virt-manager.


Nothing beyond initial test day setup.

How to test

Test OS detection on the URL

Fedora 22 URLs are detected as Fedora 21
see bug 1211797

This will determine if the virt-install/virt-manager can detect an OS from the URL. Feel free to try this with as many different OS install trees that you want, and file a bug against virt-manager if the output doesn't match the expected results.

For F21 alpha, this looks like


  1. Run virt-manager (should autoconnect to qemu)
  2. Launch the 'New VM' wizard
  3. Choose the 'Network install' option
  4. Enter the following URL for the latest fedora development bits:
  5. Press enter when the URL field is active: virt-manager should auto detect the URL as a recent fedora distro
  6. Proceed with through the wizard, using the default suggested values. On the final page, use the VM name: test-day-vm
  7. Start the install, and perform the install as you would on a normal machine.


An example virt-install invocation looks like

sudo virt-install --name test-day-vm --ram 2048 --disk size=10 \

Expected Results

Guest installations start and perform without any issues. Guest is bootable after install completes.