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This test case verifies that various Xen DomU specific kernel command line parameters work correctly in Fedora guests.

How to test

  • Inside the rawhide domU, edit /boot/grub/grub.conf. Add a new, non-default entry for testing, something like:
title Fedora testing (2.6.31-2.fc12.i686)
	root (hd0,0)
	kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.31-2.fc12.i686 ro root=/dev/HostGroup/LogVol00 mem=700M
	initrd /initrd-2.6.31-2.fc12.i686.img
  • Shut down the guest. Start the guest again, and choose "Fedora testing" boot entry. The guest should boot with 700M of memory, instead of the default.
  • (32-bit guests only) Inside the guest, edit /boot/grub/grub.conf again, and edit the "testing" to have "highmem=200M" as well. Shut down the guest, start it again, and choose the "Fedora testing" boot entry again.

Expected Results

  1. When booting with the mem= parameter, the guest should boot with 700M of memory, and return the difference between the mem= parameter and the configured memory to the hypervisor.
  2. (32-bit guests only) When booting with the highmem= parameter, the guest should not use more than 200M of high memory.