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This test case will verify that a F-11 guest can be saved and restored.

How to test

  • To save and restore the guest, run:
  $> virsh save f11 /var/lib/xen/save/f11-save
  $> sleep 20
  $> virsh restore /var/lib/xen/save/f11-save
  • After the guest is restored, make sure it has the right memory size, the right number of processors, no softlockups, etc.
  • Run the previous step with varying memory sizes for the guest, notably around the 4GB boundary.
  • Copy File:Xen-domu-stress-save-restore.c into the guest, compile and run with:
$> gcc -O2 xen-domu-stress-save-restore.c -o xen-domu-stress-save-restore
$> ./xen-domu-stress-save-restore
  • While the test is running in the guest, run a few save/restore iterations in the dom0:
$> for i in `seq 1 10` ; do virsh save f11 /var/lib/xen/save/f11-save ; virsh restore /var/lib/xen/save/f11-save ; done
  • Similarly, put the guest under some load - e.g. a kernel compile or program that allocates and modifies large amounts of memory - and run many save/restore iterations.

Expected Results

  • The save/restores complete successfully with no oops, lockups or error messages.