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This test case verifies that statically linked binaries work correctly in a Fedora Xen DomU.

How to test

  1. Inside the rawhide domU, run one or more statically linked binaries. Good examples of this are lvm.static, cryptsetup, etc.
  2. Download this file File:Xen-domu-static-binary.c into the domU.
  3. Compile the program with
    $> gcc -o Xen-domu-static-binary Xen-domu-static-binary.c -g -O0 -static -luuid
  4. Run the program with
    $> ./Xen-domu-static-binary
  5. Run a mono application from the domU command-line. Good examples of mono applications are tomboy, f-spot, and Gnome-Do.

Expected Results

  1. Any static binary should run properly.
  2. Specifically in a 32-bit domU, a "4gb seg fixup" message may appear in dmesg; this is normal.

  1. Mono applications should correctly run.