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This test case verifies that statically linked binaries work correctly in a Fedora Xen DomU.

How to test

  1. Inside the F-11 domU, run one or more statically linked binaries. Good examples of this are lvm.static, cryptsetup, etc.
  2. Download this file File:Xen-domu-static-binary.c into the domU.
  3. Compile the program with
    $> gcc -o Xen-domu-static-binary Xen-domu-static-binary.c -g -O0 -static -luuid
  4. Run the program with
    $> ./Xen-domu-static-binary
  5. Run a mono application from the domU command-line. Good examples of mono applications are tomboy, f-spot, and Gnome-Do.

Expected Results

  1. Any static binary should run properly.
  2. Specifically in a 32-bit domU, a "4gb seg fixup" message may appear in dmesg; this is normal.

  1. Mono applications should correctly run.