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Users should be able to create delta-rpms enabled repositories.

How to test

  1. Download createrepo + some old package, for example sos
    1. rpm -Uvh
    2. rpm -Uvh --oldpackage
    3. yum install httpd
  2. Create your own repo
    1. mkdir /var/www/html/myold /var/www/html/mynew
    2. cd /var/www/html/myold
    3. wget
    4. cd /var/www/html/mynew
    5. wget
    6. createrepo --database --deltas --oldpackagedirs=/var/www/html/myold/ /var/www/html/mynew/
  3. Start http server with service httpd start
  4. Connect to your repo (you have to use http server, it could not be file://) with this repofile in /ets/yum.repos.d/myrepo.repo
  1. Test if everything works
    1. yum clean metadata
    2. yum clean all
    3. yum update sos --enablerepo=myrepo

Expected Results

All commands above should finish as expected. When you are running final yum, yum should download *.drpm instead of *.rpm file.