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Provide nova-volumes to compute instances

Nova-volume is a service that allows you to give extra block level storage to your OpenStack Compute instances (using iSCSI and LVM)


Start the SCSI target daemon

$> sudo service tgtd start
$> sudo chkconfig tgtd on

Ensure the nova-volume service is enabled

$> sudo nova-manage service list 

How to test

Create a new 5GB volume

$> euca-create-volume -s 5 -z nova

View status of volumes, and wait for it to become 'available'

$> euca-describe-volumes

Make the storage available to the instance (note -d is the device on the compute node)

$> euca-attach-volume -i i-00000001 -d /dev/vdc vol-00000001

Expected Results

ssh to the instance and verify that the vdc device is listed in /proc/partitions