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This test case tests whether audio volume control works correctly.

How to test

  1. Ensure your configuration is correct according to the first few steps of the basic test case
  2. Shut your system down entirely, then start it up again and log in to the desktop
  3. Start playing some sound, in multiple applications if possible
  4. Run the GNOME volume control application: gnome-volume-control
  5. Try adjusting the Output volume slider at the top of the window
  6. Try checking and unchecking the 'Mute' box
  7. On the Applications tab, try adjusting the volumes for individual applications

Expected Results

  1. You should be able to achieve a full volume range from the Output volume slider, from no volume at the bottom position to a high volume at the highest position The volume should scale smoothly along the slider
  2. Muting the audio should work
  3. Adjusting the volume for individual applications should work similarly; for each application you should be able to get a full range of volumes, and adjusting the volume for one application should not affect the volume of others