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This test case tests desktop printing to a locally-connected printer.

How to test

  1. Clean boot the Fedora you wish to test: this could be a system installed from a particular snapshot, pre-release, or release, or a live image
  2. Connect a printer known to have a working driver included in Fedora to the test system via USB
  3. If you are prompted to perform any actions to configure the printer, do so
  4. Run an application typically used to print documents or images, such as a text editor, document viewer, word processor or image viewer, and create or load a test document or image to print
  5. Attempt to print the test document or image using the application's normal method
  6. If the printer is not available as a target and you were not prompted to configure the printer when you connected it, locate the printer configuration utility included in the desktop you are testing, run it, and make a reasonable attempt to configure the printer, then try again to print the test document/image

Expected Results

  1. The test document or image should print correctly, in acceptable quality and at an acceptable speed, ideally after automatic or prompted configuration of the printer but at least after manually-initiated configuration