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This test case tests whether the default terminal application is operational in a given installation.

How to test

  1. Clean boot the Fedora you wish to test: this could be a system installed from a particular snapshot, pre-release, or release, or a live image
  2. Try to launch the default terminal application in a typical way for the tested desktop environment: for instance, from the system menus, or by clicking on an icon in the panel
  3. If your first tried method fails, note the reason why, and try a different method of launching the terminal; continue to note any other failures you experience
  4. Once you have managed to launch the terminal, attempt to execute a few common commands, and run and quit some common applications (such as a text editor and a process manager)

Expected Results

  1. It should be possible to launch the terminal application by any typically-used method for the desktop tested
  2. The terminal application should be able to run typical commands and applications without errors or unexpected behavior