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This is the test case to check if firewall-applet is working.

How to test

 firewall-applet &

The applet should show the list of active zones with interfaces if the mouse is placed of ther applet.

If you are using gnome, you have to move your mouse to the lower right corner to see the applet.

Known bugs and limitations

  • Clicking on the applet results in the error message "AttributeError: 'Menu' object has no attribute 'popup_for_device'" - a bug is filed for pygobject3: RHBZ #802107
  • There ia a warning about gobject, This can be ignored and is a result of mixing projects using old and new ways to use gobject. There is no impact on the application so far. A bug has been filed for pygobject3 (RHBZ #804060) and python-slip (RHBZ #804061).