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This test case tests selection of a desktop background within the GNOME desktop.


  1. Boot into a GNOME 3 session with GNOME Shell

How to test

  1. Launch the Background preferences applet: you can find it by activating the Overview and typing 'background' into the search box
  2. Select an image from the list
  3. Check whether the selected image is applied as the desktop background
  4. Select an image from the list which is a size that does not match the resolution of your display
  5. Select different options in the drop-down menu which allows you to select how non-matching sized images are applied (this option will only be available for images outside the "Wallpapers" section)
  6. Check to see if these options are correctly applied
  7. Return to the applet, and change the background type drop-down menu to Colors & Gradients
  8. Select a solid color
  9. Check whether the selected color is applied as the desktop background
  10. Select a gradient, and select two colors for it
  11. Check whether the selected gradient is applied as the desktop background

Expected Results

  1. When you select an image, color or gradient it should immediately be applied as the desktop background
  2. Images with a size different from your display's resolution should be adjusted according to the option selected