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This testcase is for those who uses m17n input methods. This is a test case to check whether ibus-m17n is working as expected.


Follow up to the steps in QA:Testcase i18n input method setup to configure the input method on the desktop in general.

  • Install ibus-m17n using following command
    dnf install ibus-m17n m17n-db
  • Add some m17n input sources: Open gnome-control-center -> then on left side you click on "Keyboard" -> then on right side you you click on the + below the list of input sources -> In the dialog which pops up, select vertical 3 dots at the bottom. Search for “m17n”. Select one of the results and clidk “Add”. Repeat until you get tired …

How to test

  • Select m17n input method in the Gnome panel
  • Type something into gedit
  • Check result

Expected Results

  • Input method “latn-pre (m17n)”:
    • Input typed ➡️ result
    • " a ➡️ ä
    • ' a ➡️ á
    • / a ➡️ å
    • " s ➡️ ß
  • Input method “latn-post (m17n)”:
    • Input typed ➡️ result
    • a " ➡️ ä
    • a ' ➡️ á
    • a / ➡️ å
    • s / ➡️ ß
  • Input method “math-latex (m17n)”:
    • Input typed ➡️ result
    • a l p h a ➡️ α
    • i n ➡️ ∈
    • i n t ➡️ ∫
  • Input method “vi-telex (m17n)” (behaves just like ibus-bogo and ibus-unikey!):
    • Input typed ➡️ result
    • K h o o n g c o s g i f q u i s h o w n d d o o c j l a a p j t u w j d o ➡️ Không có gì quí hơn độc lập tự do
  • Input method “sayura (m17n)” (behaves *exactly* like ibus-sayura!):
    • Input typed ➡️ result
    • i n W d R i y ➡️ ඉන්‍ද්‍රිය
    • t a k W s H N ➡️ තාක්‍ෂණ
    • t a k w s H N ➡️ තාක්ෂණ