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This test case verifies that installing on a multipath device works properly. Testing on bare metal (not in a virtual machine) is preferred for this test case. Specific multipath hardware is required in order to complete this test. This can be done using KVM.


  1. Prepare a test system with a working multipath storage device of sufficient size for a Fedora install, and a Fedora installation medium.

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available means
  2. On the Installation Destination screen, click Add a disk... under Specialized & Network Disks
  3. On the Multipath Devices tab, select all detected multipath devices
  4. Partition as you like, but bugs in partitioning that are not related to the multipath device type are outside the scope of this test
  5. Complete the installation process, making sensible selections for all other installer options
  6. Boot the installed system

Expected Results

  1. All installable multipath devices are successfully detected by installer and are available for partitioning.
  2. Partitions are created and formatted properly.
  3. Install completes successfully.
  4. System boots successfully recognizing filesystems created on the multipath device(s).