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This test case tests whether RPM weak dependency-based langpacks can be queried, installed and removed, and whether they install the appropriate packages. For testing the feature rather than the availability of support for a given language, it is recommended to use a common locale, e.g. 'fr'. The results section assumes the use of 'fr'.

How to test

  1. To list the already installed language support, run the following command:
    • dnf list installed "langpacks*"
  2. To check if any language support is available for another language, run the following command:
    • dnf list available "langpacks*"
  3. To list what packages will get installed for any language, run the following command:
    • dnf repoquery --whatsupplements langpacks-<locale_code>
  4. To add new language support, run the following command:
    • dnf install langpacks-<locale_code>
  5. To remove installed language support, run the following command:
    • dnf remove langpacks-<locale_code>

Expected Results

  1. dnf list installed "langpacks*" should list any installed langpacks
  2. dnf list available "langpacks*" should list many results for different locales
  3. dnf repoquery --whatsupplements langpacks-fr should show a list of the packages that may be installed to provide French support for various applications and components, but NOTE this is known broken before Package-x-generic-16.pnglibsolv 0.6.20
  4. dnf install langpacks-fr should install all packages that provide French support for installed applications and components (but not packages relating to non-installed applications and components). For e.g. if Libreoffice is installed, Package-x-generic-16.pnglibreoffice-langpack-fr should be installed, but not if Libreoffice is not installed
  5. dnf remove langpacks-<locale_code> should remove Package-x-generic-16.pnglangpacks-fr and all the support packages that were installed along with it