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Join the current machine to an Active Directory, and set the operating system name and version of the account.


  1. Fulfill the prerequisites and make sure your Active Directory domain access works. realmd 0.14.0+ and adcli 0.6+ are required.
  2. You need a domain account as an administrator.
  3. You need UI access to the Windows Server for the domain.
  4. Leave realm(s) you are currently joined to.
  5. Fill in the operating system name, version, and service pack in /etc/realmd.conf with lines that look like this.
os-name = Gentoo Linux
os-version =

How to test

  1. Join the domain as usual
    $ realm join --user=Administrator
    Use your domain admin password when prompted. Specify a user other than Administrator if you have another domain administrative account.
    On a successful join there will be no output.

Expected Results

  1. Check that the domain is now configured.
    $ realm list
    Make sure the domain is listed.
    Make sure you have a configured: kerberos-member line in the output.
  2. Using Active Directory Users and Computers tool in the Windows Server UI, verify that these fields were set.
    Go into Computers and find the computer account for the current machine.
    Click Properties and go to the Operating System tab.

More: Use with adcli membership software

Test the above commands with both the samba and adcli tools for joining a domain.

$ realm join --membership-software=samba
$ realm join --membership-software=adcli


Use the --verbose argument to see details of what's being done during a join. Include verbose output in any bug reports.

$ realm join --verbose