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Setup required for the Keystone service.


Follow QA:Testcase_install_OpenStack_packages.

How to test

Configure the Keystone database, similar to how we do it for nova

$> sudo openstack-keystone-db-setup

Generate a random administrative token

$> ADMIN_TOKEN=$(openssl rand -hex 10)
$> sudo openstack-config-set /etc/keystone/keystone.conf DEFAULT admin_token $ADMIN_TOKEN

Start and enable Keystone service

$> sudo systemctl start openstack-keystone.service && sudo systemctl enable openstack-keystone.service

Install the keystone CLI

$> sudo yum install python-keystoneclient

Create sample Tenants, Users and Roles

$> sudo ADMIN_PASSWORD=verybadpass openstack-keystone-sample-data

Test the Keystone CLI is working

$> export OS_USERNAME=admin
$> export OS_PASSWORD=verybadpass
$> export OS_TENANT_NAME=admin
$> export OS_AUTH_URL=
$> keystone user-list

Expected Results

Check that no errors are reported.