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This testcase checks if multipathd responds with 'fail' for invalid device name. It is reported in fixed bug that multipathd responds with 'ok' for invalid device name.

How to test

Be as specific as required for the target audience. 1. Ensure the device-mapper-multipath package is installed

    Execute:  dnf -y install device-mapper device-mapper-multipath
    Execute:  rpm -qa|grep multipath

2. Execute the following command to generate the configuration file:

    Execute:  mpathconf --enable

3. Restart multipathd service

   Execute: service multipathd restart

4. kpartx called with invalid options /

   Execute: kpartx -l /

5. sleep 1 second

   Execute: sleep 1

6. check dmesg if there is segmentation fault

   Execute:dmesg | grep segfault

Expected Results

  1. no Segmentation fault, kpartx no longer crashes when called with invalid options.