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This test case ensures that Fedora can successfully use Toolbox for managing containers, specifically by listing, creating, and running Toolbox containers.


Download and install the latest version of Fedora on a bare metal system or virtual machine. Ensure that Package-x-generic-16.pngtoolbox is installed on the system.

How to test

  • Open a terminal on the Fedora system.
  • Execute the command toolbox list to display the list of available Toolbox containers.Note the initial number of containers.
  • Execute the command toolbox create to create a new Toolbox container using the default settings.
  • Execute the command toolbox list again to verify that the new container has been created and is listed.
  • Execute the command toolbox enter and toolbox run to enter the newly created Toolbox container.
  • Inside the Toolbox container, execute the command echo "Hello from Toolbox" to verify that commands can be run within the container.
  • Exit the Toolbox container by executing the command exit.

Expected Results

  • The toolbox list command displays the list of available Toolbox containers without errors.
  • The toolbox create command successfully creates a new Toolbox container.
  • The new container is listed in the output of the toolbox list command after creation.
  • The toolbox enter command successfully enters the newly created Toolbox container.
  • Commands can be executed within the Toolbox container, as shown by the output of the echo command.
  • The exit command successfully exits the Toolbox container.


Optionally, test different Toolbox configurations, such as creating containers with custom names, creating containers based on different images, and running various commands within the containers to ensure that Fedora can handle a wide range of Toolbox scenarios.