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Name change: previous vs. current
This test case was renamed from QA:Testcase upgrade dnf previous any to QA:Testcase upgrade dnf current any on 2016-01-11. The old name is now used for a similar test case that starts from the previous (rather than current) stable release, so the old name does not redirect here. See this email for more information.


This test case tests upgrading from the current stable Fedora release (presently Fedora 30) to the next Fedora release (presently Fedora 31) using DNF system upgrade. This is a "fake" test case, which can be satisfied by executing any other system upgrade test case, and just serves for separating different types of results in the result matrix better.

How to test

  1. Pick any current (not previous) test case related to DNF system upgrade from Category:Upgrade system.
  2. Follow that test case.

Expected Results

  1. Requirements of that test case must be fulfilled.