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The QA Project develops tools to make testing easier and more repeatable. Developing open source quality assurance tools is complex and challenging stuff at the cutting edge of the field. Contact Will Woods if you're up to the challenge of building new tools for Fedora QA.

Test Automation

AutoQA is an framework that provides tests, methods for automated execution, and displays for test results. AutoQA relies on the Autotest test harness for job scheduling and execution. Visit the AutoQA trac instance for development milestones and source code. AutoQA is an outgrowth of FudCon F11 collaboration.
Beaker is an up and coming fully automated test framework that provides bare metal hardware provisioning including console and power management, and job scheduling and execution. The mailing list is beaker-devel.

Test Case Management

The nitrate project intends to provide a web-based test management framework for test planning and test execution tracking


Smart Network Automated Kickstart Environment. A small tool to assist with installing and pykickstart-based library for modelling sustainable kickstarts.
Provisioning at it's best ... check out the trac instance for documentation.


Command-line interaction with bugzilla. Supports searching, creating and modifying bugs.
Improvements to Bugzilla 


Bodhi manages delivery of package updates for Fedora.

Test update feedback

Fedora Easy Karma 
A script that makes it easy to report feedback for any updates-testing packages currently installed. Direct download here.