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This is the quickest & lightest deployment procedures of MediaWiki. Lighttpd, PHP, SQLite are used and the aim is set the MediaWiki available with the shortest time with minimum burden to the system. Recommend as a secure personal note taking tool, which everything is kept locally rather than cloud synchronized on the Internet somewhere you have no idea.

Server Preparation

  1. Install lighttpd & PHP. Please refer to DeployLighttpdPHPServer.
  2. Install SQLite package:
    $ su -c "yum install sqlite"
  3. Install PDO modules of PHP, to let PHP supports SQLite:
    $ su -c "yum install php-pdo"
  4. Restart lighttpd service:
    $ su -c "systemctl restart lighttpd.service"
  5. Check if lighttpd is running by browsing "http://localhost/" and the following command:
    $ su -c "systemctl status lighttpd.service"