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This page contains information about the Fedora Project at the Red Hat Summit 2012. You can compare this to the original vision for the event on its own page.

The Red Hat Summit is a conference where Red Hat converses with its customers. A Fedora presence supports the event by demonstrating the importance of community in the Red Hat ecosystem, but also benefits Fedora because Red Hat's customers are sometimes interested in looking at and contributing to Fedora once they find out about us.

The coordinator for the Fedora presence at Summit is Robyn Bergeron. The Summit-planning mailing list is also used to coordinate the logistics of prepping and attending Summit, and those intending to attend or participate in planning are encouraged to sign up to receive mail from this list.

Previous Summit information: Red Hat Summit 2011 | Red Hat Summit 2010 | Red Hat Summit 2009

Date and Location

2012-06-26 through 2012-06-29 (Tue-Fri), see schedule below
Hynes Convention Center, 415 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210
Conference URL
Red Hat Summit 2012
Registration is now open.

Twitter /

There is typically an identified #hashtag for tweeting and denting; it is typically #redhat or #summitjbw, will update this as we go along.

Event Owner

Robyn Bergeron

Fedora Representatives

If you are representing Fedora at this event please sign up below, include the link to your personal wiki page and note the capacity in which you will be representing the project (i.e. helping at the booth, speaking, running special Fedora activities at the event, etc.).

# Name Need pass Capacity Comments
001 Robyn Bergeron No Event owner and coordinator
002 Sarah White Yes Can help at booth or with other activities
003 Sandro Mathys No Will spend much time at the booth but will need to attend some talks (just as in previous years)
004 Ruth Suehle No
005 Sebastian Dziallas Maybe Around for OSDC session; happy to help
006 Tom Callaway Yes
007 Susan Lauber No Should be around for setup/cleanup and between talks (like previous years)

Event Activities

List conference events, including date, start time, and location, below that may be relevant to Fedora users. Relevant events include when the booth might be staffed, when Fedora contributors are giving talks, when special activities are happening, etc.

Event Date Time Location (building, room #, etc)
Event title here


In the past, we've sometimes had a dedicated Fedora Room, for impromptu or lightly planned sessions (not to compete with Summit. No word on this yet for 2012. We may have a variety of spaces at our disposal as well; list here as needed!
Tuesday, June 26
Time Event Owner Notes
Add event here
Wednesday, June 27
Time Event Owner Notes


We are back in the Hynes Convention Center this year, albeit newly refurbished. More info on our prospective location soon.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Time Event
Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Thursday, June 28, 2012
Friday, June 29, 2012
Robyn Bergeron will be available at most times except where marked, but could use help any time you're free. If you've already checked the agenda and know when you're free, please mark your name above!

Attendee List

Add yourself at the end of this list if you're planning to attend the summit.
Please also indicate the scheduled arrival/departure times at the local (international) airport.
# Name Arrival Departure Airport Need pass Comments
001 Robyn Bergeron ?? ?? BOS No ???
002 Sarah White ?? ?? BOS Yes I'll be in town a few days early to attend JUDCon
003 Sandro Mathys Mon ~11:20 PM Fri PM - No I'll arrive by a Greyhound from NYC and I'll leave for an extra night in another hotel in Boston on Friday (after)noon
004 Thorsten Leemhuis Tue 10 PM Sat 8 PM - No I'm there for work and there won't be much free time, but I guess I'll show up at the booth a few times, similar to how I did it the past few years
005 Sebastian Dziallas Thu 7 PM Fri 9 PM BOS Maybe around for OSDC session; happy to help
006 Susan Lauber Tue 3 PM Mon BOS No Staying with friends in Arlington and commuting in for event.
007 Another awesome person
008 Beefy Miracle! I am tasty and delicious.
# Name Arrival Departure Airport Need pass Comments


Who's in Charge

Any difficulties or issues should be resolved by the event owner(s).

Responsibility area Description Contributor(s) Status
Event Box Request event box needsowner Need to determine if it's needed.
Booth setup Track down swag boxes, incl. banners Sandro Mathys Need confirmation: swag boxes with Kristin Nordstrom and booth on the mezzanine level? (like 2010)
Booth schedule Organize the wiki of booth duties, booth people wrangler Sarah White
Live USB Get desktop artwork and link; make image; coordinate with organizers and duplication house Robyn Bergeron
Room schedule
Fedora dinner Depends on evening activities. TBD!
Booth teardown Could use some help!
Middleware+Fedora Literature Sarah White Brainstorming ideas for pamphlets/handouts/cheatsheets/postcards featuring AS7 on Fedora, java development on Fedora....
Other Swag / Literature Could think about new pamphlets / handouts. Anyone? Bueller?


Use this section to brainstorm ideas about things to do at the event.

Photography/Audio/Video Recording Ideas

If we could get a room (for audio quality), graphite6 could bring the following equipment:

  • two studio lights with tripods
  • two usb yeti microphones (one yeti can record a single person, an interview, or an entire conference table)
  • HD digital video camera
  • DSLR camera
  • tripod for camera
  • 9' x 6' backdrop (can be either black or white)
  • tablets (can be used as teleprompters)

We could offer attendees the opportunity to record (talking head style):

  • brief messages
  • biographies
  • their stories about how they use Fedora
  • how they contribute to Fedora
  • how they combine Fedora community benefits, Fedora os, JBoss middleware, Red Hat products
  • and/or how these things and the fact they are open source makes them happy, productive, etc
  • interviews of Fedora users, developers, Fedora hosted project members, the beefy miracle, etc
  • pictures of people with the Beefy Miracle stand up cut out

Basically graphite6 will pimp her equipment out to educate/help Fedora users, developers, and the community.

Question: Would this need to be cleared with Red Hat?

Info/Media Ideas

  • Literature or goodies about middleware+Fedora and its benefits
  • how to get involved with middleware/application development on the Fedora

Booth Talk Subject Ideas

  • Lure some of the JBoss middleware developers to the Fedora booth to give little talks about packaging middleware/apps/server stuff * using middleware on Fedora
  • developing applications on Fedora