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Reimbursements are processed exclusively via Paypal.
Paypal however does not work in all countries - which can be a huge problem for some contributors. Are you having any issues with Paypal in your country? If yes, please describe the problem and suggest alternative solutions below.
We are mostly looking for an alternative platform.
Must be able to be funded via a credit card.

Country List

Country Paypal Works Fully? Comments Alternatives
Example Warning.png Paypal does not work in Example N/A
Nicaragua Warning.png Paypal allows receive money, but not to cash it.
I can use it as E-wallet to pay where paypal is accepted
Bank Transfer, person-to-person transfer (Wester Union or similar)
Serbia Checkmark.png Paypal works for inbound and outbound traffic with 2-3 work days for clearing (tested with Banca Intesa Sanpaolo). For receiving funds, sometimes a statement has to be signed for what reason the money is received (you can always say business trip) Wire Transfer, Western Union
Albania Warning.png Payments that I receive go to my pending balance for 30 days, I can't use or withdraw them. After 30 days, pending payments go to my available balance, and they will automatically go to my credit card at the beginning of the month. All this process is really long! Bank Transfer, Western Union or similar

Checkmark.png : Yes Warning.png : No


  • Western Union
    • Able to send money through their online platform; no longer necessary to visit a local agency.
    • They accept credit cards.
    • They operate in more than 200 countries across the globe.
    • Unfortunately, they have relatively higher fees compared to other platforms.

Other info

Incomplete info about Paypal in Latam