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This page contains information about the Fedora Release Engineering team.
== Contact Information ==
* IRC: #fedora-releng
* Mailing List: [ rel-eng@'''lists.''']
* Issue tracker:
If you want the to get something done (e.g. moving packages to buildroots or into frozen compositions) by the ReleaseEngineering Team, please create a ticket in the issue tracker mentioned above. Please enter your FAS-username or e-mail address in the respective textbox, to make sure the team can contact you.
== Composition ==
* [[User:Ausil| Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore)]] (Leader)
* [[User:notting| Bill Nottingham (notting)]]
* [[User:kevin| Kevin Fenzi (nirik)]]
* [[User:till| Till Mass (tyll)]]
* [[User:dwa| David Aquilina (dwa)]]
* [[User:parasense| Jon Disnard (masta)]]
* [[User:sharkcz| Dan Horák (sharkcz)]] (secondary arches)
Release Team members are approved by FESCo.  However, FESCo has
delegated this power to the Release Team itself.  If you want to join
the team, please read [[#Joining Release Engineering|the section below]].
== What is Fedora Release Engineering? ==
[[ReleaseEngineering/Overview|  Broad Overview]]
== Who's in Charge ==
Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore on IRC, FAS username ausil).  Leadership is currently appointed by FESCo with input
from the current release team.
== Things we Do ==
* Set the schedule for releases including freeze dates, final release, slips, etc.
* Set blocker criteria for the release.
* Decide what packages go onto a spin.
* Create official Fedora Spins.
* Report progress towards release from Feature Freeze on.
* Give reports to FESCo on changes to processes.
* If something is known to be controversial, we let FESCo know before implementing otherwise implementation generally happens concurrently to reporting.
* Set policy on freeze management
* Administrate the build system(s)
* Manage the packages git repositories (dist-git) and handle [[Package SCM admin requests]]
* Remove unmaintained packages from Fedora
== Joining Release Engineering ==
Much of rel-eng's communication is via IRC.  One of the best ways to initially get involved is to attend one of the meetings and say that you're interested in doing some work during the open floor at the end of the meeting.  If you can't make the meeting times, you can also ping one of us on IRC or sign up for the [ mailing list].
Since release engineering needs special access to systems essential to Fedora people new to rel-eng will usually get access a little bit at a time.  Typically people won't immediately be granted the ability to sign packages and push updates for example.  A couple of tasks you could start out with are troubleshooting why builds are failing (and if rel-eng could take actions to fix it) as the requests are submitted to trac or help with scripts for various rel-eng tasks.
== How we do it ==
See our [[ReleaseEngineering/SOP|  Standard Operating Procedures]] for details on how we do the things we do.
Most discussions regarding release engineering will happen either in #fedora-releng or on the releng mailing list. For requests, please consult the [[#Contact information| contact information above]].
=== Meetings ===
rel-eng holds regular meetings every Monday at 15:30 UTC (might be changed when daylight saving time is over) in #fedora-meeting-1 on the Freenode IRC network.
* Meeting agendas are created from open tickets in Trac that contain the meeting keyword.
==== Meeting Minutes ====
Minutes are posted to the rel-eng mailing list. They are also available at the [ Meetbot team page for releng]
There are also [[ReleaseEngineering/Meetings|historical Meeting Minutes for 2007-04-16 to 2009-05-04]].
== Current activities ==
See our [ ticket queue] for the things we are currently working.
See [[Releases]] for information about Fedora releases, including schedules.
== Freeze Policies ==
* [[ReleaseEngineering/FeatureFreezePolicy|  Feature Freeze Policy]] (One week before Alpha Freeze)
* [[Alpha_Freeze_Policy|  Alpha Freeze Policy]]
* [[ReleaseEngineering/StringFreezePolicy|  String Freeze Policy]] (Same time as Alpha Freeze)
* [[ReleaseEngineering/FinalFreezePolicy|  Final/Beta Freeze Policy]]
== Who represents what to Fedora Release Engineering? ==
Various people attend rel-eng meetings and represent parts of Fedora engineering.  If you wish to attend and represent a group of folks, just add your name below.  Some representatives will also be releng members, but no representative needs to be.
The [ Fedora Release Engineering documentation] is maintained in [ pagure].
[[Category: Release Engineering]]
[[Category: Release Engineering]]

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