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Draft Document
This document is a new draft and may contain wild inaccuracies. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Basic Requirements

  • First you will need to read through and understand how to be a successful contributor.
  • Next you will need to create a Fedora Account:
    • This account will be used for just about everything you do as a member of the Fedora Community
    • You will need it to sign the FPCA) which is required to contribute to the Fedora Community
    • You will need it to login to various systems
    • You will need it to upload code changes, make changes to this wiki and etc.
  • After you have created your account and signed the CLA, you should then subscribe to the rel-eng mailing list.
  • Join the #fedora-releng channel on Freenode.
  • Join us for our weekly meeting.

Next Steps

  • Decide if there's an area of Release Engineering which interests you and let the team know. If there's an applicable, familiarize yourself with it. If there's not and you think there should be one, let us know.
  • Monitor the tickets queue (FIXME - link) for things that interest you.
  • Assist with one of the EasyFix tickets (FIXME - create a report and link to it?) or a coding/scripting task below, which do not require access to privileged systems. Submit patches to the rel-eng (or relevant project) mailing list.

Available Projects

The projects/tasks below are mainly coding or scripting tasks which (mostly) do not require access to privileged systems to work on.

  • Add a configuration option to mash to set the repodata compression type (see also ticket #FIXME)
  • Add more things to this list