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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2007-09-17

Test 3 Freeze

  • Came up quick due to Test 2 slip
  • Decided to keep freeze date.

Continual Devel Freeze

  • Discussed ways to make it less cumbersome for maintainers to get fixes in
  • Decided on a set of changes:
  • Open dist-f8 again after test3 freeze. Builds will auto tag and show up in rawhide/release.
  • Process requests to branch for F-8, create dist-f9 collection for non-f8 builds
  • Add support in Makefile.common to detect existence of an F-8 branch. If one exists, build from devel/ goes to dist-f9, otherwise build goes to dist-f8
  • Move final freeze up a week to Oct 16th for added buffer due to open tag time. At this point remaining packages will be branched for F-8, builds from F-8 branch will be collected in dist-f8-updates-candidate as potential 0-day updates.