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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2008-01-07

IRC Transcript

-!- Irssi: #fedora-meeting: Total of 78 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 77 normal] 13:03
poelcatf13: meeting today?13:03
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering Meeting13:06
f13ping notting jeremy jwb rdieter wwoods spot warren poelcat lmacken13:06
* lmacken 13:06
* spot is heah.13:07
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - F9 Alpha!13:08
f13yeah, freeze for Alpha is 8 days away.13:09
warrenyet another secondary arch?13:09
notting<klaxon starts sounding>13:09
f13my plan for today is to do a compose across the arches and see what pops as unresolvable deps13:10
f13those we'll want to focus on getting fixed13:10
nottingjwb: are you doing the ppc composes?13:10
spoti'm going to do perl 5.10 soon.13:10
warrenf13,  should we kick maintainers into fixing F8 > F9 issues?13:10
spotsoon as in, today or tomorrow13:11
jwbnotting, i believe that was the plan13:11
f13warren: if you'd like.13:11
warrenf13, I'm still on vacation13:11
nottingbeyond unresolvable deps, do we have an idea as to what is completely hosed?13:11
jwbhowever i wouldn't be opposed if f13 did some13:11
jwbf13, do we have koji tags for this already?13:12
f13we create the tag on Tuesday13:12
nottingif we're not freezing, why do we need tags?13:12
f13or more likely monday night.13:12
jwbso you're just composing rawhide?13:12
f13notting: we need a tag to compose from.13:12
f13notting: it's a non-blocking freeze, we're not blocking rawhide from moving on13:12
f13we're just taking a snapshot of it and updating as releng sees fit to get the alpha out13:13
f13jwb: until tuesday yes.13:13
nottingis it on releng to find new things that fix stuff, or people to ping releng?13:13
f13notting: installer is pretty hosed right now.  url method dead, network on x86_64 dead (haven't tried ppc)13:13
f13notting: both, and with QA involved.13:13
jwbvideo is dead13:13
f13yeah, X is not starting well during install13:13
nottingaside from that, how was the play. mrs. lincoln?13:13
f13and logging into X is pretty dead from GDM13:14
f13at least logging into gnome13:14
spotintel X is pretty much hosed up too13:14
jwbgdm as a whole is dead13:14
spotGL ops fail, and X won't restart cleanly13:14
f13notting: so all in all we're in pretty good shape!13:14
f13oh and we're missing a good chunk of firstboot due to things up in the air.13:15
lmackenship it!13:15
jwbf13, your compose configs are where again?13:16
jwbpungi repo?13:16
* jwb blames xmas for killing most of his braincells13:17
f13jwb: yes, pungi repo.13:17
f13conversely the live image configs are in the live repo13:18
jwbf13, were you planning on using the quad to do composes or no?13:18
f13so it's going to be a fun alpha.13:18
f13jwb: if I'm going to do any ppc testing, sure.13:19
jwbare you?13:19
f13I wouldn't be opposed.13:19
f13mostly I only have the ps3 left for ppc testing though13:19
jwbunderstood.  if you make the isos available, i can give them to omar13:19
f13yeah, I was hoping to upload isos in progress to koji.fp.o/releng/13:20
jwbexcellent.  i'll also be doing some composes on my own, but you have about 2x the machine i do :)13:20
jwbat least until i get my new one13:20
f13Seth also has a new createrepo for me to try out13:21
f13so I'll be throwing that at the compose process too and trying to turn up any weirdness, which my useage set usually does13:21
skvidaland it might be broken! :)13:21
* skvidal goes back to lurking13:21
f13lmacken will be handling the live image creations13:21
jwblmacken, i assume you won't be doing ppc?13:22
lmackenjwb: correct.. unless we want to do them, and I get access to a machine to do them on13:22
jwbthat largely won't be a loss, as they were ppc32 IIRC13:22
f13lmacken: you could have access to the quad13:23
jwblmacken, as for access...  the quad or dwmw2 would gladly give you access :)13:23
lmackencool, so if we want to spin them, I'd be happy to do so13:23
f13the quad needs updating badly though.  I should do that soon13:23
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - FUDCon13:23
f13I'll be at fudcon this weekend, willing to do either barcamp or hackfest stuff surrounding releng13:24
f13I do want to have a bit of a hackfest to re-evaluate how we do rawhide and find some better ways of doing it13:24
f13more robust, less hack-o-doom13:24
f13also we have to really look at reversing the netapp stream and what that's going to mean for releng and associated groups like QA13:25
jwbsomething like debian experimental, debian unstable, and debian stable?13:25
f13jwb: no no, just the methodology we use to compose rawhide13:25
jwboh good13:25
f13jwb: it's all kinds of whacky13:25
nottingthat's putting it mildly13:25
f13but it "works" for now, which is why we haven't touched it much13:25
nottingf13: although, is it really *that* different than how alpha/beta/final is composed, aside from being automated?13:26
f13notting: there are some significant differences.13:26
f13not that how we do the other composes is great mind you.13:26
f13we really need koji run-root capability, but there are other things we can clean up in the mean time.13:26
jwbfrom an outsider, the largest complication is that it does it all internally to the builder network13:27
warrenrun-root meaning?13:27
jwbwhich, of course, is the speedy part13:27
nottingwarren: a way to run commands on another arch inside a mock-created chroot13:27
f13warren: a koji process to run a specific command in a chroot created from a specific tag.13:27
f13like say pungi13:28
nottingbecause, wow, is pungify a horror13:28
f13notting: so perhaps we can sit down and clean up some of that this weekend.13:29
f13you know, right before we freeze (:13:29
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - Open Discussion13:30
f13Anything anybody would like to discuss?13:30
jwbhow are we going to handle the alpha tagging?13:31
jwbsend email to rel-eng saying "i tagged this"?13:31
f13jwb: you mean releng people tagging things for the alpha?13:31
f13We should use hte same methodology we did for previous freezes13:32
f13if we do one ourselves that's not externally requested IRC would likely work OK too13:32
nottingsubscribe rel-eng@fp.o to koji tag notifications :P13:32
jwbi don't foresee a large problem.  just curious13:32
f13notting: could do that.13:33
f13at least for that tag13:33
jwbexcept it doesn't tell you why13:33
f13anything else?13:37
wwoodsyeep. back13:37
* wwoods reads scrollback quickly13:38
f13wwoods: I'll wait.13:38
wwoodsI don't think url installs are broken (I just did one, and other than the 'user' command in kickstart causing a traceback, it worked)13:39
wwoods'course that means grubby didn't run, so it's not bootable...13:40
wwoodsI'd really like to help straighten out the pungify / mash stuff. or at least help myself understand how we go from koji -> tree13:40
wwoodsbut yeah, I'll be going into Release Testing Mode soon13:40
wwoodsand bothering people about bugs that screw up the alpha release13:40
f13wwoods: in boot.iso installs a sigsegv is thrown.13:42
f13wwoods: it's a newt issue, that is already fixed upstream.13:43
f13(upstream anaconda that is)13:43
wwoodsthis was network (using already-existing grub)13:44
wwoodsanyway, yeah. nothing amazingly important to say. standard "oh shit oh shit release time" drill13:44
wwoodsI'll try to keep up to date13:45
wwoodshopefully some of the hackfest time can go towards making that actually dynamic and automatic13:46
wwoodsthat's all I got.13:47
f13ok, if there's nothing else, ending in 30.13:47

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