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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2008-01-28

Upcoming Alpha Release

  • Still working on building Alpha
  • Most of Alpha blocker bugs have been addressed:
  • Unaddressed bugs will be added to known issues list for the Alpha release notes
  • If we do not have good trees to hand to IS by the evening of 2008-01-29 we slip alpha release again
  • slip just for pushing the bits around, but not for fixing anything else

IRC Transcript

-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering Meeting - F9 Alpha14:30
f13ping: warren jwb rdieter wwoods spot jeremy notting14:30
notting /me is here14:30
jwbsort of here14:30
* wwoods here14:31
f13aight that's enough to get started.14:31
f13Here's my current known F9 Alpha status.14:31
f131) waiting on a firstboot build that puts firstboot modules in arch specific python dir, as the firstboot package itself is arch specific, and this is screwing with anaconda's mind when it decides what modules to put in stage214:32
f13it's likely we'll need a more elegant solution here in the future, but in the interest of getting the Alpha out, we need this.  Without it, we get bizarre messages during install about loading the keyboard selection window.14:32
f132) I just tagged the latest dhcpclient package as it fixes some sigabrts during install and some stuff post-install.  I have to manually multilib it in a local repo for me to compose against it.14:33
f133) once those are done, I'm going to make another set of trees to play with, and point lmacken at it so he can make live isos.14:33
* rdieter sneaks in, half here.14:34
nottinghow bad is the livecd size situation?14:34
f13lmacken: ?14:35
f13ah, forgot to ping lmacken14:35
lmackenit shrunk 2mb since the first spin!14:35
lmackenI sent another status to fedora-devel-list yesterday with some stats14:35
lmackennotting: including shrinkage, which you asked for14:35
lmackenbut yeah, we need to do some serious chipping away at deps14:35
f13lmacken: the problem is we have serious little time.14:36
lmackenare we blocking alpha on generating cd-sized isos ?14:36
f13lmacken: we target CD sized isos for at least the i686 Fedora Live image14:37
lmackenright now, KDE is fine.. it's our main desktop spin that is a bit chunky.14:37
f13(gnome desktop)14:37
lmacken-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 712M 2008-01-26 01:18 F9-Alpha-i686-20080126.0.iso14:37
lmackenhopefully it won't be *too* hard to get that under for alpha14:37
f13lmacken: see if you can get ahold of jeremy to lend some chipping hands.  I see him hitting mail right now14:38
lmackenf13: will do14:38
nottinglmacken: is the image posted somewhere?14:39
f13also, in the interest of saving bandwidth and disk space, I plan to cut some corners with the release.14:39
f131) no source isos.14:39
f132) no Everything tree14:39
f13does anybody have any objections to that?14:39
nottingwe did #2 last cycle, right?14:39
lmackennotting: not externally.. you can grab it from though14:39
f13notting: correct.14:40
nottingf13: did we do #1?14:41
f13I don't think so.14:41
f13but let me double check14:41
f13notting: we did #1, but it was with only DVD, not split source mediea.14:41
f13to be honest, I don't even know if that code in pungi still runs correctly14:42
nottingf13: but we only did dvd media14:42
nottingso, this really isn't a change14:42
f13notting: I wouldn't be producing /any/ source iso, nor a source/ package tree14:43
nottingeh, producing source media keeps us out of too much grey arey legally14:43
f13except we don't have anywhere on the binary isos that mentions anything about getting the source14:44
f13if I have to produce tree/iso of the alpha, we will likely miss Thursday release.14:45
poelcatwhat are we doing about these before thursday?
nottingf13: i'm not sure what having an offer has to do with it. having the isos in the same place makes things more sane14:45
f13poelcat: turning it into a Known Issues list.14:45
f13notting: I don't believe that it has to be in iso format, at all.14:46
nottingalso, i'm finding the idea of each release being 'what can we cut out to get it out by the deadline' icky14:46
poelcatf13: some of those need to be fixed for automated installer testing14:46
f13poelcat: then we have to slip the release, and frankly...14:47
f13poelcat: that first one is fixed by the dhcpclient I talked about earlier14:47
nottingalso, 429937 causes the release to fail from the 'can install and get updates' standpoint14:47
f13428893 is already fixed with e2fsprogs I already tagged14:47
f13notting: and there is nobody looking at it.  So do we just sit on the Alpha until somebody does?14:48
wwoodsit's not reproduceable, is the problem14:49
wwoodsI've been trying for days14:49
f13right, I haven't seen it at all either14:49
wwoodsI've seen it14:49
f13and I'm OK with that for Alpha.  We miss some targets.14:49
wwoodsbut I can't make it happen anymore14:49
nottingf13: that depends on how often it happens, how reproducible is it, etc.14:49
wwoodsand I can't figure out how I triggered it in the first place14:49
nottingf13: and frankly, if no one's looking at it, that's a problem14:49
poelcatwhich bug is not reproducable?14:49
wwoodsbug 429937\14:49
buggbotBug low, low, ---, Peter Jones, ASSIGNED , Can't find root on initial boot after install14:49
buggbotBug 429937: low, low, ---, Peter Jones, ASSIGNED , Can't find root on initial boot after install14:49
wwoodsthat's a really, really vague bug14:50
wwoodsin my experience it was because I had installed onto an encrypted PV14:50
wwoodsexcept the initrd didn't include the cryptsetup stuff14:50
f13which I've done every single time I tested14:50
wwoodsf13: right14:50
f13(in gui/vnc mode that is)14:50
f13also, there are no dupes attached14:51
warrenforgot about the meeting today14:52
f13poelcat: looking at the list, most of these are already fixed, don't care for Alpha, or can't reproduce to fix.14:53
f13I'll adjust some states later.14:53
f13notting: how do you feel about just making a source tree, and not source isos?14:54
f13it's not like the source isos are anything other than big tarballs.  There is no repodata, there is no other bits.14:54
nottingf13: have you verified 429713?14:54
nottingf13: why is there a big difference in producing source.isos vs a source tree?14:55
f13notting: doubles the amount of data to be transferred14:55
poelcatwhat about bug 42993914:55
buggbotBug low, low, ---, Anaconda Maintenance Team, NEW , selinux enabled in kickstart causes system to panic on first boot14:55
f13notting: no, I haven't, I'll add that to the list of packages to pull in.  I missed that.14:56
f13notting: it's tagged, I just haven't tested it.14:56
f13er, no.14:56
f13looking at the wrong build.14:56
nottingf13: source tree is ok. i was thinking it was either/or, not both14:57
f13notting: ah ok.15:03
wwoodspoelcat: pretty sure that was an selinux bug that's already been fixed15:04
f13anywho, unless there is anything else, I'd like to get back to work.15:04
f13if I don't have good trees to hand to IS by tonight/tomorrow, we gotta slip again, but slip just for pushing the bits around, not for fixing anything else.15:05
poelcatwwoods: cool15:05
wwoodsI haven't been able to test the alpha tree much at all15:06
wwoodswhat's the difference between it and current rawhide?15:06
nottingwwoods: for anaconda? not much. for the package set? a lot.15:07
wwoodsyeah, I constructed the alpha tree by rsyncing it over a copy of rawhide15:08
wwoodsplenty of package changes15:08
wwoodswe'll see what's goin' on soon enough15:08
wwoodsI just did a kickstart install with selinux turned on.. system boots fine15:09
f13wwoods: I pointed you at my alpha compose right?15:09
wwoodsf13: yeah15:09
nottingtbh, i'm more concerned about X being a giant vat of suck at the moment. but not much we cna do about that15:09
wwoodsI'm using .215:10
wwoodslemme know when .3 is ready15:10
wwoodsand/or whether I should care15:10
f13wwoods: will do.  .3 is actually transient, we'll be looking for .415:10
wwoodsgood to know15:10
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering Meeting - Open Discussion15:14
f13is there anything, if not, we're done and I get back to work (:15:14
nottingthe reversing of streams is still on the schedule for next week15:16
skvidalcan we cross the streams/15:19
nottingthat would be bad15:19
f13ok, calling it.  THanks all.15:28

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