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Monthly Status for Priority Pipeline Projects



Committed Changes

Change Status Risks/Open Issues Next
Layered image builds complete but working on 1 remaining bug No path to resolution of nss bug Dominik Perpeet will lead getting Cockpit builds into the Fedora toolchain week of Sept 12
Taskotron Completion delayed Remaining work -
Ansible: Docker 2 week build/test/release workflow automated Loopabull ready for use
POC release playbook created
Need decision from RCM about Pungi Docker support
Need sign off & input from infra team on running playbooks somewhere
At risk of missing beta delivery date
Create playbooks
Content signing can be automated Code complete, deployed to Stage Awaiting getting yubikeys in place in Prod Deploy to Prod approx Sept 14
OSBS: Fedora Docker Registry Blocked (short term registry solution in place for F25) Image signing may break our planned design Meeting with signing stakeholders to determine if we need to revise our plans
Koji: Koji hub consolidation groundwork Moonshot chassis is functionally deployed, aarch64 merged & imported last week Koji #48 will be needed soon
creating aarch64 disk images in LMC is a blocker - updates were made to support this but have not yet been tested
LMC Disk Images for aarch64 & armv7
OSBS has redundancy and support for multi-master / multi-node Working through multi-host ansible now No requests for extra VMs submitted yet
At risk of missing beta delivery date
Apply multi host updates to existing infra
New Releng Deliverable: Windows & OSX tools in Fedora Dev complete from engineering; OSX Beta will be built outside of koji / Windows will be built in koji Need signing keys for OSX
Signing key for Windows purchased
Initial builds have completed but testing is ongoing
No testing of signed images has been done yet
Resourcing for OSX work is now up in the air again - discussion ongoing with managers
Need to have initial images built by week of Sept 13
Upcoming Bodhi 2.2.0 release, beta deployed to stg Waiting one week for it to go through stg testing


  • New Deliverables (not covered above)
    • WS OSTree - In Rawhide; pending addition to compose for Beta
    • Atomic for Power - In progress; planned for Beta
  • Atomic ostree repo management - feedback period on proposal has closed; work targeted to be live for one of the October 2 week updates
  • Pungi got better validation for configuration.
   $ pungi-config-validate fedora.conf
   Unrecognized config option: link_files. Did you mean link_type?
   Unrecognized config option: notification_script.
   Deprecated config option: pkgset_koji_url; use koji_profile instead.
   Failed validation in ostree_installer.0.1.x86_64:
       Additional properties are not allowed ('filename' was unexpected)