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Fedora Events: Fedora 10 Install Fest - Paris, France

  • More Information at ...

When and Where

  • 6 and 7 December 2008
  • Paris, France
  • Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie, La Villette

Responsible Ambassadors


  • Contact as soon as the dates are official : Franz Maier, Max Spevack, Gerold Kassube, Yaakov Nemoy...


  • ...

  • Contacting local press to spread information (tbd)


  • Hotels
  • At some ambassador's home


  • Contacting local LUG for dates with the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie (in progress)
  • Discussing the agenda of the 2 days (sessions, booths organization)


  • no report... yet !


  • no pictures... yet !


Task Owner Status Observations
Completed task Somebody Checkmark.png
Uncomplete task Somebody else Stop (medium size).png
Contact Thierry Stœhr QuentinDumont Stop (medium size).png
Contact Tristant Nitot ??? Stop (medium size).png
Get USB Station Artwork MathieuBridon Stop (medium size).png I'm in contact with Luca Foppiano. I have a beta version available. Need to find how to print it.
Make Fedora live fr_FR ks NicolasChauvet Stop (medium size).png
Find hosting MathieuBridon Stop (medium size).png
Find restaurants MathieuBridon Stop (medium size).png
Ask for a USB stick estimate CarlosVassalo Stop (medium size).png
Write an agenda for corrdinate blogging ??? Stop (medium size).png
Contact news sites, press, ... ??? Stop (medium size).png
Print flyers ??? Stop (medium size).png Translate / adapt the Solar one ?
Print a banner ??? Stop (medium size).png Print the one from MatthieuRondeau ?
Create a template for presentations MohamedElmorabity / ArmelKermorvant Stop (medium size).png LaTeX or ODP ?
Get Ambassadors / contributors poloshirts ??? Stop (medium size).png

Current discussions

Bochecha 14:51, 5 October 2008 (UTC) : Im putting here a summary of what we currently discussed by mail. We'll have to clean it up and sort it in the correct place (is this page for public display of the program or for us to organize the IP ?)

  • different stuff for each day ? (saturday for newbies and sunday for the hard geeks ?)


Subject Depends on Attendee Slides URL Obs.
What's new in Cambridge ?
FP introduction
Fedora-Fr presentation FP introduction
RPMs creation Couldn't it be a workshop ?
Alternative repositories Blessed by FP ?
Open Formats Thierry Stœhr (?) Twentyfour-fr said he would contact him
The web Tristant Nitot (?)
System Security Souley (?) Souley is willing to do it but did not confirm anything


Subject Depends on Attendee Obs.
My workshop Another workshop Me blabla blabla
LiveUSB creation kwizart (?) Each one can make his own key or create for other (teaching to contribute)
Installing Fedora alone LiveUSB creation ? bochecha (?) Shows how easy it can be, might make people promote Fedora and install it for their friends. Removes the need for one people for each install.
RPMs creation bochecha (?) Workshop or conference ?
Using Fedora Installing Fedora alone ? bochecha (?)
Administrating Fedora Installing Fedora alone / Using Fedora ? bochecha (?) Depending on the audience, it can be very basic or go much further in details.
Internet 3G in Fedora Twentyfour-fr Install and use 3G usb key in Fedora

Bochecha 08:07, 6 October 2008 (UTC): I wrote my name on a lot of workshops as I am interested to run any of those. If you have a preferency for one of them, just pick it, I'll take what remains.

Living in Paris

Bochecha 14:55, 5 October 2008 (UTC): Come and stop by in #fedora-paris in Freenode to discuss with the people in Paris. We can host several people, we know some restaurants,...

  • Friday night:
+ People coming in Paris
Needs a place to sleep Hosted by Obs. (cat allergy and such...)
Your name here

+ People living in Paris
Parisian How much room? Obs. (I have a cat, bring your sleeping bag, ...)
bochecha 1
Milanito 1 I have a cat
Pikachu_2014 1 need confirmation

  • Saturday night:
+ People coming in Paris
Needs a place to sleep Hosted by Obs. (cat allergy and such...)
Your name here

+ People living in Paris
Parisian How much room? Obs. (I have a cat, bring your sleeping bag, ...)
bochecha 1
Milanito 1 I have a cat
Pikachu_2014 1 need confirmation

  • Restaurants:
Meal Where ? How much people Obs.
Friday diner
Saturday lunch
Saturday diner
Sunday lunch

USB keys

  • Remember to tell people to bring their own key so we can install Fedora on it
  • Buy keys for distributing to people who don't have
    • Carlos has a contact in his company marketing
    • 2GB ?
  • Nicolas has a preview Kickstart
  • Design for customization should not be F10-specific

Communicating on the event

  • Blogs / planets
    • coordinate everyone so that articles are publicated not in the same time
  • News paper / sites. Emphasys should be set on press that is not specialized in FOSS
  • Distributing flyers
    • universities / schools
    •  ???
  • Invite some reporters to the event, so that they can write news about it (which will lead to more publicity for next event)


Item Who ? URLs
LiveUSBs creation station bochecha / Luca Foppiano Old IP Cambridge design
Logos Carlos / Thierry ? Fedora Paris
Web art Thierry Latest message with all and sources
Flyers Solar Flyer
Slides template A template so that all slides for conferences have the same look'n'feel would be really nice. Some LaTeX gourou / graphist in here ?

Installing Fedora

Could be a workshop

  • only one or two installers required instead of one by machine
  • makes it more "community oriented"
  • Bochecha 14:51, 5 October 2008 (UTC): seen in a Ubuntu IP, was really nice


  • ThomasCanniot has some
    • Do we need more ?
  • Polos for attendees: