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Fedora Events: Fedora 11 Release Party Fest - Paris, France

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When and Where

Responsible Ambassadors



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  • Contacting local press to spread information TBD



You want to sleep in a luxurious hotel ? Add your name below.

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At someone's home

You have a spare room ? Add your name in the table below.

Host Rooms Guest
Nicolas Chauvet example ...

You need a couch ? Add your name below.

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Pickup any task you want, add any task you think is necessary for the event to be a success.

Task Owner Status Observations
Figure out when and where Mathieu Bridon Checkmark.png Paul, you rock !
Contact some guys Stop (medium size).png Could anyone outside of Fedora do a conference on an interesting topic ?
Contact someone from the SugarLabs Mathieu Bridon Important.png
  • Sean Daly already told me he would interested to do a conference. I'll see if he can confirm.
Make Fedora 11 live CDs Nicolas Chauvet
Thomas Canniot
Stop (medium size).png
  • waiting for Fedora 11 to be released...
Find hosting Important.png
Find a restaurant Stop (medium size).png Choose a good restaurant, see how many people would come, book it,...
Write an agenda to coordinate blogging Stop (medium size).png
Contact news sites, press, ... Stop (medium size).png
Badges for Ambassadors / contributors Carlos Vassalo Stop (medium size).png

For the status column, you can use the following templates:

  • {{Template:Warning}} for a task that is not attributed / started yet
  • {{Template:Important}} for a task started but not completed yet
  • {{Template:Check}} for a closed task



You like speaking in front of people ? Add your great conference below.

Subject Speaker Slides URL Accessibility schedule Obs.
Présentation du Projet Fedora NA * ?
La traduction en Français NA * ?
Nouveautés de Fedora 11 Nicolas Chauvet Not yet * Saturday 27th at 14h
Fedora Cloud Xavier Lamien Not yet *** ? if we have enough attendees

NB: Accessibility has 3 levels, represented here by stars.


You like explaing stuff to others ? Add your amazing workshop below.

Subject Speaker Accessibility Horaire Obs.
LaTeX, une alternative aux traitements de texte Mohamed ElMorabity ** Sun 28th at 13H
Git, LE logiciel de gestion de versions Matthieu Gautier **(*) ?
Création de Media "Live" Fedora Nicolas Chauvet * Sun 28th at 11H
Préparation de paquets RPM Nicolas Chauvet ** Sun 28th at 15H


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