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Fedora Events: Fedora 11 Release Party Fest - Paris, France

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When and Where

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  • Contacting local press to spread information TBD



You want to sleep in a luxurious hotel ? Add your name below.

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At someone's home

You have a spare room ? Add your name in the table below.

Host Rooms Guest
Nicolas Chauvet example ...

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Pickup any task you want, add any task you think is necessary for the event to be a success.

Task Owner Status Observations
Figure out when and where Mathieu Bridon Checkmark.png Paul, you rock !
Contact some guys Stop (medium size).png Could anyone outside of Fedora do a conference on an interesting topic ?
Contact someone from the SugarLabs Mathieu Bridon Important.png
  • Sean Daly already told me he would interested to do a conference. I'll see if he can confirm.
Make Fedora 11 live CDs Thomas Canniot Stop (medium size).png
  • waiting for Fedora 11 to be released...
Find hosting Stop (medium size).png
Find a restaurant Stop (medium size).png Choose a good restaurant, see how many people would come, book it,...
Write an agenda to coordinate blogging Nicolas Chauvet Important.png Announced on, announce of conferences and workshops to be done on Monday 15th (new conference and workshop will close on sunday 14th).
Contact news sites, press, ... Steven Moix
Paul Marques Mota
Important.png Mostly done along with the F-11 announcement on fr websites. Thx Steven and Paul.
Badges for Ambassadors / contributors Carlos Vassalo Stop (medium size).png

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You like speaking in front of people ? Add your great conference below.

Subject Speaker Slides URL Accessibility schedule Obs.
Présentation du Projet Fedora Armel Kermorvant Not yet * Saturday 27th at 11h
La traduction en Français NA * ?
Nouveautés de Fedora 11 Nicolas Chauvet Not yet * Saturday 27th at 14h
Fedora Cloud Xavier Lamien Not yet *** ? if we have enough attendees

NB: Accessibility has 3 levels, represented here by stars.


You like explaing stuff to others ? Add your amazing workshop below.

Subject Speaker Accessibility Horaire Obs.
LaTeX, une alternative aux traitements de texte Mohamed ElMorabity ** Sun 28th at 13H
Git, LE logiciel de gestion de versions Matthieu Gautier **(*) ?
Création de Media "Live" Fedora Nicolas Chauvet * Sun 28th at 11H
Préparation de paquets RPM Nicolas Chauvet ** Sun 28th at 15H


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