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Fedora 16 Release Party - Brno, Czech republic

Location and Time

  • Location: Red Hat Office in Brno, Purkyňova 99, Brno, Czech republic (there should be someone to welcome and navigate visitors at the office entrance, but if you are late and can't get in, call +420604346394 and we will come down to let you in).
  • Date/Time: November 23rd 2011 - 6pm


Register on the event page.



Talks on new features in Fedora 16 (given by Red Hat employees who's been working on the corresponding projects):

  • GNOME 3.2 - Jiří Eischmann
  • KDE 4.7 & Qt apps - Jaroslav "Rezza" Řezník
  • How to participate in testing Fedora/Jak se zapojit do testování Fedory - Josef Skládanka
  • Aeolus - Tomáš Šedovič
  • systemd - Michal Schmidt
  • There will be a station where you can test your Fedora and Linux-related skills.