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Fedora 18 Release Party - Managua, Nicaragua

When and Where

Organizers / Team

Event Owner: Neville A. Cross


  • We will have a SecureBoot Laptop to hack our way into installing Fedora 18 (thanks to William Moreno )
  • We will have a Burner Tower to burn media as requested (thanks to Neville A. Cross )
  • We will talk about new features in Fedora 18
  • We will eat pizza


  • Leaflets (There is plenty, and those are not release specific)
  • Live CD / Installation DVD (There is blank media donated by Neville A. Cross and a burner)
  • Stickers (There are some donated by William Moreno)
  • Buttons (There are some)
  • Saloon with projector and Internet access (Will be provided as sponsorship by Mansión Teodolinda)
  • Pizza / beverages

Detailed Cost Breakup

Description Unitary Cost Quantity Amount
Saloon 0 1 0
Drinks and pizza 2.25 40 90