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Fedora <Release Number> Release Party - City, Country

Once again, Fedora Ambassadors in Natal and nearby cities join hands and get together to celebrate one more release of Fedora. User:Apahim Amador Pahim kindly offered his place to do our celebration, the second organized Release Party over there just this year!

We plan to introduce the public to Fedora through a couple of talks, plus giving Fedora swags like stickers, media and so on [if we get to make them by then]. After all, we will have also a outgoing place to get to know better other new contributors and possible new contributors!

When and Where

  • 8pm - 2013/12/15
  • User:Apahim Amador Pahim's house (contact me by e-mail to get the address. mribeirodantas at

Organizers / Team


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Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

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Detailed Cost Breakup

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