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Fedora 21 Release Party - Chongqing, China

When and Where/时间地点

Organizers / Team

  • FZUG
  • Chongqing LUG
    • Bootingman Wen
    • Linjie Lyu



  • Fun with QEMU by Lingyu Zhu
  • What's New in Fedora by Alick Zhao


The event is free and open to everyone. No registration is needed to attend. However we welcome you to fill in the following table to help us to estimate the number of attendees (and prepare goodies ^_^).

活动对所有人开放,无需事先注册。不过我们欢迎您填写下面的表格,这可以帮助我们估计参会人数(相应地准备礼品 ^_^)。

Register at:

Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

  • Live CD/DVD: 20
  • Stickers:

Detailed Cost Breakup

Covered elsewhere.

Discussions & News




This event is jointly held with Chongqing LUG's monthly meeting.