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|Cockpitp || [[user:Williamjmorenor|William Moreno]]
|Cockpitp || [[user:Williamjmorenor|William Moreno]]
|Fedora y Hardware Libre, Arduino || [user:franko92 |Franko Ramirez and Omar Zapata]
|Fedora y Hardware Libre, Arduino ||[[ user:franko92 |Franko Ramirez and Omar Zapata]]
| Enterprising || [[user:Williamjmorenor|William Moreno]]
| Enterprising || [[user:Williamjmorenor|William Moreno]]

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FedoraEvents Header EventN1.png

Fedora 21 Release Party - León - Nicaragua

  • What: Fedora 21 Release Party
  • When: Jan 24th 2014
  • Time: 14:30
  • Where: UNAN Leon Basic Building

Who Will Attend


Topic Speaker
Open Registration Everyone
What is fedora? [Open]
Fedora 21 Release Party [open]
Cockpitp William Moreno
Fedora y Hardware Libre, Arduino Franko Ramirez and Omar Zapata
Enterprising William Moreno
Fedora Security, Save your data [open]]
Fedora + Icaro [open]]
Fedora Server [Open]
Fedora Comunity, how to colaborate [open]
Drinks and Refreshment served Everyone

Where to hang posters

Detailed Cost Breakup

We hope to have 50 attendees.

No Items Estimated Cost
1 Food and Drinks U$ 100
2 DVD U$ 20
4 Flyers U$ 10

Budget aproved see Latam ticket 267