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| 15:40--16:00 || colspan="2"| Tea break
| 15:40--16:00 || colspan="2"| Tea break
| 16:00--16:40 || Koji build system: overview || [[User:A126ium | Connor YAN]]
| 16:00--16:40 || [ Understanding RPM Building: overview] || [[User:A126ium | Connor YAN]]
| 16:40--17:00 || colspan="2"| Group Photo
| 16:40--17:00 || colspan="2"| Group Photo

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Fedora 22 Release Party - Beijing, China

When and Where/时间地点

  • Time: 2015-08-22 14:00–17:00
  • Place: Red Hat Beijing, 9/F, North Tower C, Raycom Infotech Park No.2 Ke Xueyuan Nanlu, Haidian District

融科资讯中心 C 座北楼九层 (海淀区中关村科学院南路 2 号)[1]



Call for talks

演讲主题/Talk 演讲者/Speaker 状态/Status
自由畅聊 XMPP (Jabber) 网络 (40min Workshop) Tong Hui Accepted
Kernel Debug Tool: Kdump Usage and Demo Chao YE Accepted
Koji build system: overview Connor YAN Accepted
Privacy 404 Ray Rejected due to limited time slot


时间/Time 演讲主题/Talk 演讲者/Speaker
13:00--14:00 Registration & Opening address
14:00--14:30 What's New in Fedora? User:Zsun
14:30--15:00 Kernel Debug Tool: Kdump Usage and Demo Chao YE
15:00--15:40 自由畅聊 XMPP (Jabber) 网络 Tonghui
15:40--16:00 Tea break
16:00--16:40 Understanding RPM Building: overview Connor YAN
16:40--17:00 Group Photo


The event is free and open to everyone. No registration is needed to attend. However we encourage you to fill in the following table to help us to estimate the number of attendees (and prepare goodies ^_^). The ones registered below we will try to make sure you have one Fedora 22 DVD. If you do not have an FAS account, you can send your email to to ask your information to be added in the table.

活动对所有人开放,无需事先注册。不过我们建议您填写下面的表格,这可以帮助我们估计参会人数(相应地准备礼品 ^_^)。在下表中注册的成员,我们将尽力保证您获得一份 Fedora 22 光盘。如果您没有 FAS 帐号,或者认为注册账号没有必要(的确对于大部分人是没有必要的),您也可以发邮件到中文邮件列表,请求将您的信息加到下表。请在邮件主题中注明“Fedora 22 发行派对北京站报名”,正文格式为

| Foo Bar || foo at || attendee


Name Email Note
Foo Bar foo at speaker
Zamir SUN zsun at organizer
Pany pany at attendee
Yujiang Bi byujiang at attendee
Xh WU metzengerstein2 at attendee
Andy Zhu zhushuai19890918 at attendee
Sun Yuxiang yuxsun at attendee
zhu panpan pzhu at attendee
lifan lifan at attendee
Xiaoran Zhao zxrlha at attendee
安政磊 anzhengleinew at attendee
lishoujun lsjun at attendee
Christopher Meng i at cicku dot me attendee
Jianhan Gao gaojianhan at attendee

Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

  • Live CD/DVD: 50
  • Stickers: 50+
  • Rollup poster: 2
  • signpost:
  • badge for organizers:
  • drinks & snacks: sufficient

Detailed Cost Breakup

Description Quantity Amount
Roll up 1 CNY 80
Badge and lanyard 10 CNY 77
Badge Reel* CNY 400
Food & Drinks CNY 204
TOTAL* CNY 761 = 126.83

* including COSCUP


Discussions & News